Create A Website Yourself Or Let Professionals Build It?

An appealing online presence is essential for businesses nowadays to stand out from the competition and attract customers. But the question remains: Should you create a website yourself or leave it to the professionals?

With a well-designed website, you can increase your visibility, boost brand awareness, and expand your customer base. Ideally, your website serves not only as a digital business card but also as an attractive showcase for your products and services. A professionally crafted website builds trust with your customers and is available around the clock to provide information or process inquiries.

When it comes to the decision between DIY and professionals, the choice depends on your requirements, budget, and technical skills.

Website erstellen lassen

Let Professionals Handle it:

A web design agency like Lifty offers you the opportunity to focus on your core business while experts take care of your website. These service providers handle all aspects from conception to implementation and offer tailored solutions with custom design. Additionally, they often provide additional services such as search engine optimization and social media marketing to improve your website’s visibility on Google and strengthen your online presence.

DIY Approach:

If you have technical expertise, you can build your website using content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. These systems enable relatively easy content management and offer numerous extension possibilities. However, complex requirements may require programming skills and a significant time investment.

Website Builders:

For less tech-savvy users, website builders like Wix or Weebly offer an easy way to create a website without requiring programming knowledge. These platforms provide pre-designed templates and features but may reach their limits with advanced requirements and may not offer the desired flexibility.

Costs of a Professional Website:

The costs of creating a professional website vary depending on the scope, design, features, and content. Professional agencies like Lifty often offer transparent pricing models, which may include hourly or daily rates or fixed prices. It’s important to consider the ongoing costs of hosting, licenses, and maintenance as well.


A professional website can make a significant contribution to increasing your brand awareness and customer loyalty. While it may be tempting to build your website yourself or have it created by acquaintances, collaborating with an experienced agency like Lifty offers many benefits. From legal compliance to optimizing your website’s design, professionals have everything in sight and can help you effectively achieve your online goals.